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About Us

  • Since 2000 Mechanorack Systems have been pioneering new ideas for efficient storage and materials handling and has maintained its position as the leader through innovation, quality, honesty and after sales service. Mechanorack Systems name has become famous for their quality products and customer's satisfaction. Our shelving products are designed and manufactured to international quality standards.  Mechanorack Systems will give you a storage system that maximizes your space utilization, eliminates misplaced inventory and stock outs and is capable of meeting your needs today and tomorrow.

  • Mechanorack Systems are eminent and experienced manufacturers and suppliers of Slotted Angle Racks, Heavy Duty Slotted Racks, Filling Cabinets, Heavy Duty Pallet Racks, Mezzaine Floor, Cupboards, Lockers, Super Market Racks.

  • Mechanorack Systems use all resources and systems to meet customer's expectation of quality, timely deliveries & product reliability & support. Each product is passed through stringent quality checks for defects, design and manufacturing conformity and optimum quality. The quality system provides both incoming and outgoing material specification conformity and workman ship for hassle free use in the field. We achieve the quality level by cross checking the quality at various stages of process and production.



Sound manufacturing unit along with advanced testing facilities have made our range most sought after across UAE, Africa, Bangkok, and SriLanka.